Mountain Bike Tire Reviews

Here you will find my bike tire reviews. As I get the chance to try different mountain bike tires, I’ll review them thoroughly and report my findings here. I’ll take the time to evaluate the tires so you won’t have to.

How will I review them?

With each tire I evaluate, I will take many factors into consideration, including:

  • size
  • weight
  • grip
  • cornering/handling
  • rolling resistance
  • durability/longevity
  • traction
  • braking
  • air retention
  • price

As I complete my reviews and post them here, I would appreciate your comments or thoughts. If you have ridden one of the tires I have reviewed, I would like to know of your experience with that tire, whether similar or otherwise.

If you have any specific tire you’d like reviewed, let me know.


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